Governing Body

Organizational Management structure

VVMVP is administered by a Board of Trustees at the registered Head Office in Bangalore.  There is a proper term of office to maintain all the programs and the activities. All the departments under the VVMVP have the terms to run the departments. They have the proper structure of governing body and the office bearers.

VVMVP conducts programs to spread knowledge among the people. In addition, several thousands of volunteers and organizers with varied backgrounds such as engineering, medicine, management, etc. help the organization in their various service projects.

Governance structure

  • Board of Trustees
  • Administrators, Finance Head, Internal Audit
  • Department Heads (Individual Departments)

The Present Board of Trustees of VVMVP

  1. Sri Prasanth S Nair: Director of Sri Sri Ayurveda and the Research Department of VVMVP, Sri Nair formerly headed the Sri Sri Ayurveda College for four years, lending his skills to bringing the college to the fore among Ayurvedic colleges in India. Sri Nair is an MBA graduate with a finance and commerce background.
  2. Sri Mehul Kumar Parikh: A senior faculty of The Art of Living, Sri Parikh has been instrumental in running several rural development programs. He has also directed and conducted innumerable stress relief workshops for government organizations.
  3. Sri Narendra Singh Lamba: With a Masters in Computer Application, Sri Lamba is our young, dynamic Administrator of VVMVP's Bangalore Campus.
  4. Smt. Rashmi Paliwal: Smt. Paliwal has an MSc in Textiles and Clothing and has run a successful garment export business. She has worked as lecturer and visiting faculty in various colleges as well.
  5. Sri.Raghu R: He has dedicated his life to the upliftment of Humanity and for the cause of furthering the knowledge of his Master Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

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