Kalady: The Legend

"A sincere prayer will never go unheard,
Nature does it that way…
Before the calf is born,there is milk in the cow,
Know that you will always be provided."

~ Sri Sri.

Kalady,the birthplace of the famous 8th cen. Advait philosopher-saint AdiShankaracharya,was earlier known as Sasalam.Kalady means 'feet' and there is a touching story about how the village of Sasalam got its new name.

The story goes like this. One day, Aryadevi,the widowed mother of little Shankaracharya fainted while walking the 3 km stretch for her daily river bath. Feeling helpless, Shankara asked his favorite deity Lord Krishna for assistance.The Lord blessed him saying, "The River will flow where your little feet marks." Young Shankaracharya marked his little feet on the ground and Kerala's mighty River Periyar took its new course outside his home.

Campus Location:
The Art of Living Kalady Campus is located 7 km from Kalady, on the banks of the River Periyar (also known as Poorna), and is aesthetically constructed in an area of about 2 acres. All constructions are environment friendly.

What the Campus Offer:
The main building, the Meditation Center, is a graceful circular structure that was ceremonially opened by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar on 7th January 2013. It has a total area of 633 sq m. (6,810 sqft.) with a hall on the ground floor and a balcony hall on the first floor. Nearby is Guruji's kuteer (cottage), a quiet octagonal shaped building with an abutting snanghat (public bathing area found in temple complexes) to Periyar. In addition the Campus contains a kitchen and dining hall unit and a toilet block, with ample parking space for visitor's vehicles.

Kalady Campus is beautifully landscaped with flowering plants, palm trees, manicured shrubs and verdant grass beds. The delightful little walkways and courtyards are paved with multi colored concrete interlocking blocks.

On entering the gate itself, a divine atmosphere is felt. Various Art of Living programshave already commenced. Weekly meditation sessions are conducted on a regular basis and there is a growing stream of dailyvisitors.

Palces of interest around the Campus:

Kaladyis famous as the holy place where Adi Shankara received divine knowledge. His Ashrams, Temple, Smrithi Mandapam are all located here.

Other places of attraction near the Campus area are Sree Sankaracharya Sanskrit University, Engineering College, Arts and Science College, Malayattoor Church, Elephant training centre of Kerala Forestry Department, Multi speciality hospital and Research Centre under construction.

How To Get There:

Kalady Campus has two important landmarks - one is the Dhanwanthari temple at Thottuva and the other is the Mangalabharathi Ashram. Both are well known and frequently visited places. Kalady Campus is easily accessible by road: it is 13 km from Nedum bassery International Ashram, 15 km from Angamaly Railway Stationand 8 km Sri Sankara Keerthi Sthubham Ashram.

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