De-addiction Program


Some Facts:

Alcohol and Drug Abuse breed hatred, jealousy and violence, lowers self-image, causes financial stresses, and tears families apart. These manifest further by destabilizing peace and harmony in the society and nation at large.
Studies on alcohol abuse in India indicate that more than 30% of males and less than 5% of females are alcohol dependant in this country.
Recent studies also reveal that drug addiction on the streets of Kolkata and surrounding areas alone has afflicted more than 40,000 individuals.
In India, the problem of addiction is further aggravated by the lack of treatment and rehabilitation facilities.
The Ved Vignan Mahavidyapeeth Research Centre was formed in this light to fight against the problems of addiction by :

  • Creating awareness.
  • Providing effective treatment and adopting measures against relapse.
  • Counseling addicts and their family members.
  • Instilling a sense of spirituality through daily practice of Yoga and Sudarshan Kriya.
  • Devising means of social integration and finding gainful employment for recovered addicts.
  • Widening scope to help victims of chemical abuse through larger activity and also by increasing capacity to provide help to more people.
  • Campaigning against spread of HIV / AIDS.

Alcohol & Drug De-addiction Research Center has a number of centers. The one at Geeta Bhavan caters to male addicts only and is located at Sasthitala, a quiet locale in Howrah district, very close to Kolkata city. The center for women is called Ahalya and is also located in Howrah.  The center is also involved in recovering addict street children who are attached to RUPAYAN a street children project under Art of Living. Awareness campaigns and street rallies are regularly organized to educate the public.
The Centers offer a therapy that has an edge over other conventional treatments. Its detoxification program includes a special treatment for the mind - the SUDARSHAN KRIYA® - a powerful breathing technique that establishes the mental strength and control, which is critical for emerging out of addiction and further possible relapses.
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